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Good Beer Guide - Selection Guidelines

GBG Selection Process (Nuneaton & Bedworth branch)

This document outlines the process used by Nuneaton & Bedworth CAMRA to select the nominations for entries in the Good Beer Guide (GBG).

Scores from the National Beer Scoring System (NBSS) are interrogated using the CAMRA analysis tool (download from CAMRA website). This tool will identify potential nominations, subject to the criteria set by the branch committee (usually the number of surveys and the number of surveyors).

The top scoring venues are added to the current GBG entries (which are automatically included unless there is reason for not doing so eg. Change of licensee etc.). The nomination process closes at the end of the December when a full list of nominations will be made available. Members are then encouraged to visit the listed pubs as much as possible between then and the voting meeting in February.

Prior to the voting meeting, the list of nominated pubs will be available on the branch website (members only area). Proxy votes will be available to those members who cannot attend the voting meeting to submit their votes.

GBG Pub Allocation: Currently the branch has a GBG allocation of 7 entries, with 1 reserve entry should the need arise.

Members are invited to rank 10 (GBG allocation +3) from the list of nominations, on a scale of 10 (best) to 1 (not as good) on the quality of the beer alone.

e.g. 10 - Dog & Duck, 9 - Weasel & Ferret, 8 - Red Lion, 7 – Frog & Toad, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1

If the member only wishes to rank 7 of the nominations they are to score 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1.

e.g. 7 – Dog & Duck, 6 – Weasel & Ferret, 5 – Red Lion etc. down to 1.

The rankings for each nomination are then consolidated and the top 8 (7 entries and 1 reserve) are then forwarded as the GBG entries for Nuneaton & Bedworth branch of CAMRA.

The results of the selection process are embargoed until publication of the GBG in September and MUST NOT be disclosed, discussed in public or broadcast by any means.

Additional guidance on GBG nominations.

* The nominated venues must meet the criteria specified within the CAMRA Internal Policy document (IPD).

* If there are significant changes to a nominated venue (i.e. change of landlord etc.), the venue should be reassessed for its eligibility in the process.

* Where no qualification period is specified in either the IPD or guidance from CAMRAs Area Organiser or Regional Director, the branch committee can use their discretion to propose a nomination.

* Proxy Voting - At the discretion of the committee, branch members who cannot, or chose not to, attend during the selection process can register their votes via email. These will then be included in the consolidated results.

* Where voting is suspected to be an attempt to manipulate the results, the committee reserve the right to eliminate suspected votes from the process.

* Voting forms / proxy votes incorrectly completed will be discounted from the voting process.